A trip down memory lane

In October 2018, Ahh-Yum was born out of a longing to have home-cooked comfort food at any time of the day; whenever and wherever. The warm aroma of galangal swimming in a pool of santan, the tenderness of a single soft-poached egg resting in the midst of fragrant steamed rice, waiting to be devoured, and the fresh cut coriander sitting regally on top of all the goodness sealing in the flavours beneath.

We have been on a long search for something that would merge our traditional tastebuds with the modern lifestyles we were leading. Something on-the-go, takes little effort and hassle to obtain, but with all the innate goodness and quality of home-cooked food, intact. It soon dawned on us that we were not the only ones who craved something of home to carry around as we go about our day. There are so many of us who hold on to a bit of tradition, in some form or another, close to our hearts in all the hustle and bustle of modern life. This fusion makes up our identity.

And it’s just the way our Malaysian tastebuds are! We simply love a good, familiar, hot dish for all three mealtimes. Thus Ahh-Yum’s forefront dishes are Malaysian, through and through. That is not to say that we have neglected those who are more colourful in their gastronomic choices- our Western menu is a (kon)fusion that has been a thread in the fabric of our identity. Definitely a part of our Malaysian-ness!

Everyone is welcomed at Ahh-Yum, so come as you are- whether it’s with your hands, chopsticks, or your trusty fork and knife. Our doors open to a warm vibe of music sprinkled with chatter, laughter and banter of family, friends and strangers- who really are just friends you haven’t met. That is the Ahh-Yum manifesto and spirit. We’re a bunch of people sharing our love for food in a shared homey space.

At Ahh-Yum, we’ve dedicated our mission to serving only quality food. Every ingredient is scrutinized from the second they are sourced to the time they are placed on the wok up to when they are served on your table right in front of you. And since we are mothers too, you bet we pour our heart and soul into our meals, careful about not removing the nutrients that are naturally present, and mindfully opting for the healthier choice whenever possible. Every morsel counts in the making of a good meal.

With passion, good spirits and a promise for quality combined, we give you the finest Malaysian food that reminds you of home. True to our mission, we are: Halal. Freshly-cooked. Nostalgic with no added MSG, preservatives or artificial colouring. Leave the flavours to us while you take a trip down memory lane.



Iyesha, Rossana, Alya.


That’s our story, what’s yours?


We think it’s about time age-old family recipes made a comeback.

So we made it our mission to gladden tastebuds nationwide by bringing traditional Malaysian recipes and snacks back to the table in the highest quality.

Home.  Healthier. Halal.


Our promise to you is

No Added MSG, Preservatives or Artificial Colouring.

We aim to serve only the best Halal, healthy and scrumptious Malaysian delights at very affordable pricing that everyone can enjoy.

Shared Values


Producing “Kampong” favourites with a consistent attention to value and quality, to cater to Malaysia’s multi-cultural taste buds and for the world to enjoy.


Practicing the highest standards in sourcing healthy, Halal and wholesome ingredients as well as using the healthiest production techniques where possible.

Environmentally Friendly

We try our best to buy, sell and use environmentally friendly products to reduce our carbon footprint. We also strive to use only locally-sourced products.


Continuing to be a platform to aid and support Single Mothers & The Less Privileged.

So Yummy!