Best Tea Time Menu in KL and Where to Find Them

In the UK, ‘a cup of tea’ literally means A. Cup. Of. Tea., but here in Malaysia, ‘to have tea’ or mengeteh as the locals call it, is to have any kind of hot drink with roti or cake or sweet goreng-gorengs- or better yet, all of it at once!

While banana fritters are known as one of Malaysia’s most favourite snack, it’s surprisingly quite hard to find when you’re craving it. It’s probably because pisang goreng and cekodok are usually sold by street stalls that operate at specific timings which might not always coincide with your free time.

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A lot of us who have 9-5 jobs don’t always get to catch the local stall. It either opens when we’re heading to the office or closes before we end work. It’s pretty much a tough love kind of relationship.

But all hope is not yet lost, Ahh-Yum has pisang goreng and it is to-die-for! Many come back just for this. Opens from as early as 7.30am and closes as late at 10:00pm- you definitely won’t miss us. We deliver too- check us out on Grab!

Pisang Goreng Ais Krim
Pisang Goreng Sesame with Ice Cream

So if you’re ever craving for tea time sweets, Ahh-Yum is the perfect tea-time place in KL for that window. Our outlets are also the most cosy spot for quiet meetings around 3pm onwards when the crowd lessens.


Our hot and crispy Pisang Goreng is served lovingly with ice cream, our Cekodok Pisang tender and naturally sweet, our Tofu Ahh-Yum satisfyingly comforting, our Banana Cake soft and rich, and our Dim Sum deliciously authentic in case your cravings are savoury. Just couple these light sweet treats with our array of refreshing drinks and your tea time is made. Best part is, our kitchen uses all halal ingredients with no added MSG, preservatives or artificial colouring, so you need not worry.

Ahh-Yum is currently located at Jalan Setiabakti @ Bukit Damansara, Institut Jantung Negara, Plaza Shah Alam and opening soon in a neighbourhood near you. We’re big on tea time and Malaysian delights and we hope you are too!