New Restaurant Serves Malaysian Comfort Food

[noun] & [exclamation]
Pronounced: ‘Ayam’; meaning ‘chicken’; poultry;
a domestic fowl; a meat loved by all; also an expression used to describe one’s gastronomic enjoyment- Ahh, yummm!

Whichever way you choose to spell it, whether Ah-Yumm, Ahh-Yumm or Ahhh-Yummm, the people behind Ahh-Yum will tell you there is no one way to spell out a cry of joy. But we reckon there’s only one way to tell if a food is good- it’s when people come back for more!

Kampong Kravers first opened its first Ahh-Yum doors in Jalan Setia Bakti, a quaint neighbourhood in Bukit Damansara in October 2018, serving nostalgic Malaysian meals in a contemporary setting. Since then, Ahh-Yum has won the hearts of many and garnered itself a circle of loyal customers far and near.

Their signature dish, the Ahh-Yum berempah is said to be coated in a marinade of 18 herbs and spices before being bathed in a deep fry, giving it its final regal look: the golden crisp. It’s a whole metamorphosis of an elegant ‘ayam berempah’. With no added MSG, preservatives or artificial colouring, everything prepared in Ahh-Yum premises goes through the au naturel route, just like how our moms used to make food. It’s healthier and more children/kid friendly. They use Basmathi for its fluffy texture and lower Glycemic index and use tuna in their Nyonya Laksam so you need not worry about those pesky bone accidents!

With healthy versions of traditional Malaysian favourites in mind, Ahh-Yum aims to become the go-to restaurant for Halal local food at mid-range pricing. At one glance, the menu booklet is pretty eye-catching, and while the list can seem generic, what makes Ahh-Yum so unique is that they make available some hard-to-get delicacies such as tofu, cekodok and goreng pisang, which are usually sold only at certain hours of the day, and sans a dining experience.

Nasi Lemak, Kung Pao Chicken, Mee Rebus, Ipoh Hor Fun, Mee Soto and much more await those who seek local comfort food! Drop by Ahh-Yum today and try out for yourself.

Opens from 8.00am for Breakfast, starts the Lunch & Dinner menu at 11:30am, welcomes Tea time at 3pm and closes its doors by 10.00pm.