What They’re Saying About Us: Ahh-Yum Testimonials!

It’s been more than 60 days since our MCO started. 60 days that has brought many, many changes to our living habits, including social distancing (a totally new term that has become a daily norm!), constant sanitizing, wearing gloves, masks, and working from home.

And we people, who love to go out looking for our favourite aunty nasi lemak for breakfast, makan lunch with friends, having our 4pm yum cha, and midnight lepak sessions at our neighbourhood mamak, now cannot leave the house as we want, when we want!

Now we #StayAtHome to #SaveLives.

But this is the perfect opportunity to learn new skills like learning a new language, picking up yoga, perfecting our cooking skills, and all the time to find clean and tasty food while staying at home.


At Ahh-Yum by Kampong Kravers, we take our food seriously. We prepare Malaysian comfort foods using the finest and freshest of ingredients that not only looks good, but also tastes good and prepared good!

Our food is prepared in a clean and sanitized kitchen that is Halal, with no added MSG, no added preservatives and no added artificial colouring!

P.S.: You can check out all our certifications here!

Ahh-Yum Goes To You

And…now you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home to enjoy our delicious Ahh-Yum Berempah or Tofu Ahh-Yum! Stay home, enjoy your Netflix and stay safe! You can easily place your orders at www.ahhyum.com or WhatsApp us (0132669822) and we’ll deliver right to your doorstep. Senang kan

Current promotion until 22 May 2020: Free Delivery for orders above RM50 (within 10km) & 10% Off for orders above RM100.

Come by Our Outlets

If you’re out and about getting some fresh air or running errands, you can find us in the Klang Valley area, with 6 outlets (operating during MCO) at Bukit Damansara, Plaza Shah Alam, Wangsa Walk Mall, Suria KLCC (limited menu), Institut Jantung Negara (IJN) and Sunway!

Our Tantalising Menu

There’s just so much to love about Malaysian food, with all the mix flavours of Malay, Chinese, Indian, and so much more, it’s just Malaysian lah! Our menu is catered to feature all these flavours. An iconic Nasi Lemak Basmathi with Ahh-Yum Berempah, a flavourful bowl of Nyonya Laksam, or yummylicious Cekodok Pisang – semua ada! Our all-natural drinks like Beetroot Sirap Selasih or Lemongrass Pandan Ginger pun ada for a perfect meal!

P.S. All items from our regular menu are up to 35% off! Order at order.ahhyum.com.

Ramadan Menu

For the month of Ramadan, we’ve launched a new range of classic buka puasa meals, perfectly portioned for iftar dengan satu keluarga! With classic selections like Lemak Cili Padi Daging, Assam Pedas Tenggiri, Kurma Ayam, Beef Rendang and more available at Ahh-Yum, all your buka puasa meals are covered!

Frozen Menu

If you suka masak-masak at home, we can help you out too, with easy-to-prepare frozen home-cooked meals.

We have done all the work. All you have to do is some minimal prepping, and in less than 15 minutes, dah boleh makan! And you can add your own special touch to the meals as you like!

Current promotion until 22 May 2020: Free Delivery for orders above RM50 (within 10km) & 10% Off for orders above RM100.


There’s so much more than we can say about our food, but our customers are much better with words than us. To all our customers, a big, big thank you for your generous reviews!

“Thank you for delivering quality even during challenging times like these” – The Wizard Of Az (@az_empress)

“This picky monstar banjir-ed his chicken chop, fries and pasta with creamy butter sauce! Licked his plate clean!” – I m Jo (@itchybeckside)

“Walaupun berkurung… Masih boleh makan macam raja 🤴⁠” – Rhys William (@si_rhys)

“You really need this if you’re already craving Raya food in MCO!” – Camelia Battersby (@camdotmy)

“Had take-out from Ahh-Yum by Kampong Kravers as my birthday treat” – Mike Lam (@mikelam88)

“Bursting with vibrant local flavours”- Safura Husna (@safurahusna)

“Craving my favourite local food for Iftar and so happy to get it delivered right to my doorstep” – Sofia Naznim

“My favourite cekodok” – I’m Piper NOT Paper (@piper.bag)

“Happy merry Sunday is made of Ahh-Yum” – Kenny Khee (@kenny_khee)

“Gendang-Gendut Tali Kecapi, Kenyang Perut Suka Hati 😊” – Deeba Nazir

“Sedapnya karipap!!” – @_amalinajr

“Mmm Malaysian comfort food, 100% yummy and MSG-free.” @easyeats.io

“Order je online, nanti sampai la depan rumah. Senang kan. macam-macam ada! Semua tu leh di frozenkan!” – Mori Said

“Cekodok, pisang goreng, cucur bawang & tauhu begedil for minum petang at @ahh_yum. Memang yummm!” Jaja Anuar

Ready to order?

Click here to place your order at www.ahhyum.com!

Take full advantage of our current promotions (until 22 May 2020), Free Delivery for orders above RM50 (maximum 10km) and 10% Off for orders above RM100!

Please snap photos of your Ahh-Yum meals too and tag @ahhyum for us to feature your beautiful photos and delicious makanan! It makes us sangat gembira!

Thank you for all our wonderful customers for all your support!